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Study Design

SONA’s staff are experienced in conceptualizing research questions and designing research projects and programs based on the research questions. We can design evaluation studies based on program objectives. We can design quantitative and qualitative research projects appropriate for research and evaluation studies. We are experienced in constructing hypotheses, designing representative sample selection, selecting appropriate sampling procedures and developing, pre-testing and administering data collection instruments.


SONA's staff are capable of problem description and assessing the need of the program, doing feasibility studies, identifying stakeholders, engaging stakeholders to learn their concerns, their questions and their intentions and analyzing the responses from the stakeholders for program decisions. Sona's staff are also capable of designing and testing new approaches in a in a long-term, on-going process of continuous improvement, adaptation and intentional change.

Process Evaluation

SONA’s staff are capable of developing program monitoring tools to provide feedback at each stage of program operation and to ensure achievement of program goals, develop work plans for the projects so that time line of the projects is maintained and can interview project staff for program feed back. Finally, we can suggest improvements in program operation.

Outcome Evaluation

SONA’s staff can identify program goals and objective and formulate program goals and objectives into measurable outcomes, select samples and comparison groups, take steps to minimize attrition and collect baseline, pre test, post-test and follow up using various methods (Please click on our data collection and data processing capabilities).

Research publication and presentation

SONA is experienced in producing technical reports according to clients’ specifications and to reach specific audiences. We can also produce executive summary, top line or detailed project reports. We can provide support to our clients in preparing manuscripts for publication or prepare report, papers or project results for presentation at professional meeting or conferences.